Our Story

A fitness competitor, a university student, and a coffee roaster walked into a bar… It sounds like the start of a joke but, that’s how it all started.

Young couple, Hayden and Amy had itchy feet to start a business together. Talking and throwing ideas around whilst celebrating Hayden’s birthday over a few Matso Ginger beers. The idea of wanting to start a business within the fitness industry came to mind — since we were both into fitness ourselves.

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Words from coffee addicts

“Flick the bean is the best tasting cold brew coffee I've ever had”

Wendy A

“I was wanting more of a healthier pre-workout, I gave FTB's 10 pack infused with supplements and you cant even taste the sups!! I'm hooked! ”

Simone A

“FTB is hands down the best cold brew I have had. I will be a regular customer for sure. Keen to try the one with supplements next time guys! ”

Corey S