Flick The Bean

Our Story

Flick The Bean Cold Brew all started with a fitness competitor, university student and coffee roaster, from Perth WA in 2017.

A couple who were both coffee and fitness lovers, not realising that their product had already been alive for quite some time, as they were already waking up in the morning making a coffee and adding supplements to it, while enjoying the benefits of both. This was where the idea of mixing essential supplements with coffee stemmed from; an excellent idea for a more natural ‘pre-workout’.

Then our idea started to come to life. Leading them to a coffee roasting house one weekend where we met Mike, the brains behind our brew.

With hard work and persistence, everything seemed to fall into place and work for them.
The beginning goal was to supply fitness enthusiasts with a great tasting cold brew coffee and the added benefits of supplementation.

FTB doesn’t stop there. If you’re not so into your fitness, Flick The Bean has a standard cold brew coffee for those who enjoy a great smooth tasting cold brew without the supplements infused.

This Cold Brew is catered for all people no matter what their active lifestyle may be.

Our original cold brew coffee is a unique blend of Colombia Huila and Ethiopian Yirgochef, coupled with a 60 hour brew time, resulting in an incredibly smooth chocolaty body with sweet almond after-tones.

Our brew tastes amazing because of our choice of beans combined with our 60 hour brewing time, this by far separates us from other cold brew companies. You can taste the care which is taken in the process of making FTB, resulting in a smooth and non-acidic flavour.

Go ahead and crack the lid off a cold one, you’ll see.